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This is absolutelly the worst company ever, I cannot believe it how bad they are, I moved to Florida in april 2010, I used this trash company to bring my stuff, but guess, what, the worst thing in the world, I had a missing box with very expensive clothes an linens, and most important my graduation gowns from high school and college. now they are ingoniring my phones calls, plus I have a box that is not even mine, I had tell them many times that this box is not mine,and to please to come and get it, but they just dont care about it,

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Beware - their scams are real.They came to pick up belongings, claimed they needed three times as much money as agreed upon.

We paid some additional money, not what was requested. After 7 weeks of attempting to get our belongings and Hawk Vanlines wanting additional money, we received a delivery of broken items and many missing items. Hawk Vanlines refused to file a claim. We learned that they carry minimal cargo insurance and bypassed them to file a claim.

The BBB could do nothing. I see their ranking has been pulled. We filed a complaint with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and have had limited success. Law enforcement was contacted.

We have also had to go through Identity Theft Protection because of personal documents they still possess.Do not use Hawk Vanlines and warn everyone about them!


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Hawkvanlines is not a moving company! Tell everyone you can not to do business with them.

They showed up a day and a half late with 5 illegal immigrants to load the semi that was tagged all over the trailer from gansters in California. I know they are illegal because they tried to get jobs at my business. Victor, the driver stayed in the cab and played with his little doggie while the 5 guys who couldnt even speak English, hired from a temp agency in town dollied my furniture down a rocky hill in the mountains because Victor could not back the "moving truck", eighteen wheel semi that was tagged all over the side by gangsters from California, that I was promised into the driveway. I was charged for a "long carry" I was charged three times the quote since my things took up an additional thousand square feet, a result of the "professional, qualified movers and their packing skills. I was told by Victor that if I didnt pay, I didnt get my things. I have a binding quote that was e mailed to me including all items that were to be moved.

Many of my things were destroyed as they made stops at other locations to load other things onto my furniture. My things were not even tied down after I asked Victor to tie them down before he made the trip out of the mountains where I lived.

I have a police report for the driver dropping my things including leather sectional off the truck and cussing at my child in the front yard of my new home. Seriously? What a joke! After calling Lori, the manager and informing him of all of this, his response to me was, "I can do nothing for you." I will not stop until my money has all been returned to me and my belongings have been replaced or repaired. I have reported Hawk to the BBB, I am in contact with the media, I have retained legal representation and I will contact every moving website that refers HawkVanlines to ignorant,vulnerable movers such as I was. Carma is a b---- and so am I.



Were you ever able to take legal action? They have created a new level of *** for these *** bags.


I just had a similar experience with Victor. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


Hawk bid $1400 on move.They took deposit and when they showed up wanted twice that amount.

It was definitely a bait and switch move, and they had done it before.Never trust Hawk's bid.

Hawk Vanlines are Classic Scam Artists

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I am a military member that contracted with Hawk Vanlines to move my household goods in the Summer of 2009.The contract was for just over $4000.

The driver showed up a day late and began the scam.

After showing up, the driver claimed that I had a lot more weight then I intially stated and charged me an additional $8000 for the weight and packing materials. Despite my numerous requests for a re-weigh they showed up at my house unannounced on a Sunday and stated that I either pay for my household goods or they would take them away until I paid. They broke numerous items and even dropped off several boxes that were not mine.

After initially stating that they would pay for the broken items, they now refuse to take my phone calls or emails.Do not use these criminals.

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Im another victim of this scam,they showed up after the banks are closed and tell me they need cash, starts screaming at me,They told me that I would have to pay an extra 500 dollars to deliver it tomorrow....or they would be taking my things.....they quoted me 2200 dollars, and the end result was over 8000 dollars,everything was broken, and dish packs with chine and chrystal were loaded upside down and dropped.....I have notified them by email,but no answer as yet.....What a scam....


I have friends that just moved from Omaha to Pheonix.The same story as above.

Bait and swicht and hold your stuff.Stay away, do not use, criminal.


Oh my god, this company is absolutely terrible!First, the agreed upon move date for them to show up at my home and remove my furnishings was absolutely not adhered to--they showed up 3 days late, which turned out to be the morning the new tenant was to be moving IN, which caused an unbelievable amount of stress on an already stressful move.

Then, the estimate that they gave me based on a very detailed list of items in my home originally was about $1400--when the driver got to my house, they said that it was way under-estimated and that it would be double that amount. I was VERY accurate in the detailed list that I provided so the estimate should not have been more than a little off of the total price. Since they had caused such a delay in the original plan, I had no time to tell them where to go and call another mover. If that wasn't bad enough, the driver requested the money all in cash--which, I must add, was not on the paperwork that I had originally been presented with in the course of the estimate, which caused an even greater amount of stress because WHO in their right mind has nearly $3,000 in cash sitting around when they are moving???

The answer to that, as you may well use your common sense to figure out is NO ONE. Thus, I had to leave these people in my home and go to the bank to draw out money from my bank account. Even after detailed instructions on what was to be removed from the home and what was to stay (because it was property belonging to the house I was renting at that time), I come back to find that they have packed EVERYTHING onto the truck, including all of the items with bright pink sticky notes that said Do Not Move, which caused another freaking delay when they had to unpack the *** truck and sort out the items. If all of that wasn't bad enough, once they got the items on to the truck, they were agreed upon to be delivered to my new residence (4 hours away, mind you) within 48 hours.

On the third day when the items were not delivered, I called the company, and could get no answer. I left messages to no avail. As of the fifth day, I called my friend for some advice since I was getting nowhere and I still had no delivery (she is an attorney). Mind you, during this time that all of my items were on the truck, I was sleeping on the floor at my new home with NOTHING--I even had to buy extra clothes because I had only been able to pack a few days worth of clothing in my car with me.

I had no clothes, no bedding (I had to buy a few pillows and a blanket in order to even sleep on the floor), very few toiletries...basically, me, my cat, and a computer were all I had. It gets even worse--the idiots, packed a laundry basket into the truck EVEN after I told them the first time it was not to be packed up on their truck (because it held all of my check-books and financial items, jewelry, and my overnight bag which had my wallet ) SOMEHOW got put back on the truck even after I removed it from the tailgate myself! This left me with just the cash I had on me in my change purse and my debit card. After day 7, I was fed up--I called the state police and filed a report on possibly stolen merchandise.

I had no other choice, because everything I had was on a truck that could not be located and had not arrived to its destination. I was absolutely beyond stressed at this point, and I was so inconsolable that the state police officer who came to take my report held my hands as I continued to cry on my floor. I am not a person who is generally emotional, but the company had literally put me through *** at this point, and all I wanted was to get my items and be done with them. The truck was finally pulled over 3 states away and it didn't have my stuff on it.

Which, led to the police having to physically track my items to another truck that was sitting just outside of the Canadian border (I live in the midwest--not the north, so that is a far distance away). The items had to be escorted to my home by state police, and when it did get there, the company failed to set up people to unload the truck. Since they had failed to set up delivery and re-set of my furniture (re-build the bed frame, etc.), I was burdened with having to find someone to help move my items IN to the house. And if this whole situation doesn't seem bad enough, every peice of my very new, very nice furniture was either scratched, gouged, torn, or filthy.

My leather sofa was ruined, my mattress got a whole in one side during moving, my glass topped kitchen table was broken, the end tables got scrathed badly, the and the TV suspiciously didn't look like the one I had put on the truck (the TV was originally my roomates, so I couldn't be entirely certain, but the model just looked different than what I originally remembered it to be--however, that is besides the point, because the TV didn't seem to work right after it got delivered anyway and I had to replace it). When faced with the damage caused by thier improper handling, they said that they wouldn't cover it because THEY couldn't be sure it didn't look like that when they moved it, which is a total load of ***, and i proved it because I had taken pictures of the furniture when it got ready to go on the truck--when faced with the evidence, they had to admit it was their fault, but they wouldn't cover repair or replacement over a minute and pitiful amount they felt it deserved, WHICH by the way, their check didn't even clear the bank when I went to cash it, so that caused ANOTHER report to have to be filed...

DON'T USE THEM EVER--they are the WORST company on the face of the Earth, and even now, nearly 6 months later, I am still dealing with them over the inadequacy of their service. When I had originally looked into the company, they had the association of movers certification on their forms, but guess what: it hasn't been valid in a very long time, which is legally considered to be FALSE ADVERTISING. They didn't even fill out my forms right, which is what caused the state police to start tracking them--the form they noted said that they were paid for pick up and delivvery and that it was completed--THAT IS NOT WHAT THE FORM I SIGNED STATED--the top copy (in the white yellow pink form pack) said something very different from what the bottom copies (the one that you get handed back as a receipt) stated, which has caused the BBB in my state to seek legal penalties for (since I was smart enough to keep make a copy of the top form of the pack that I signed--the driver didn't even know that I had done it because he left the copy of the table in the house they were packing up--it saved my *** that I decided to do that because in the end, when the copy I got back as a receipt was compared to the copy they had me sign, they were not the same form or the same agreement, which is absolutely illegal).

Information is power, which is why even though I had to go through a highly traumatic situation with this company, I wanted to spend a few moments making sure that everyone else out there knows how bad they really are...maybe I can save someone else a few thousand dollars and a whole lot of trouble by telling them to just use another company entirely, no matter what state you are in or where you are moving to.They are an absolute nightmare, and I am still going through *** with them in order to try to get what they rightfully owe me for this debacle.


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stay away from hawk van lines 1866 978 7454 do not call this middles crook ,their will take your deposited and will not show up!!!AND WILL lie to you said that their shown up and will not REFUND you!!!

D*MN LIER . MAY BE THEY WILL TAKE ALL YOUR GOODS AND HOUSE HOLD AND NEVER COME BACK EITHER!!! DO NOT TRUST this middle east crook !! i sold my house and need them to move my stuff out of the house .

they tolld me will come on time and date to pick it up , i paid them $ $245. 00 for deposited they took deposited and nobody shown up !!

very rude no answer my call no communication not good moving companies BEWARE STAY AWAY !!!HIS NAME IS DAVID lier middle *** !!

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They told me their will be at my house to move my stuff at my house because i have sold my house .they promised to arrival from 9;00 TILL 11:00 AM NEVER show up i call them they said they will be late but they will come at 2:00 to 5:00 PM i keep waiting till 6:00 PM nobody show up .

i call them like 50 time no answer!!!! it was 7:30 pm rainning dark no one shown up!! the next day they don't even call me at all . when i dispute my charge from thia midle eat crook they told my bank that they did show up!!!

anh took my $245.00 deposited i will call FBI AND the better business bureau and report this midle east crookk!!beware !!

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